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We offer classes, clubs, camps, workshops, tutorials & tours to help your child grow their curiosity in the following interest areas:

S.T.E.A.M. for Kids

Arts & Crafts

Music & Movement



Health & Wellness

Computers & Tech

Digital Arts

Performing Arts

Life Skills

Fun Play

Academic Enrichment

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Cultivating cuRiosity

Interest-driven learning

Engaging curiosity is the foundation for developing a love for lifelong learning. We must nurture it from an early age!

Live instruction

All courses include live sessions with small groups, ensuring learners stay engaged.

Real world rewards

Earn points for actively participating in the site. The more curious learners are, the more rewards they get!

Complements formal schooling

Learners can choose which interests they want to explore from our wide selection of courses.

A community of learners

Learners can connect, learn with and join clubs with others who share their interests.

A one-stop hub

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“If you teach a child lesson by inspiring curiosity, you will be building the foundation for a lifelong student who sees the world as a classroom.”
Lisa Desatnik


A learner’s profile on Curiosity Ed is an easy way to track a child’s interests and monitor progress.  

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Children need 21st century learning skills to be future-ready. Curiosity is the first, and the most of important of all these skills.

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Curiosity Ed encourages parents to be active participants in guiding the growth of their child’s curiosity. Find out what site features are available for parents.

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